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Rebecca's photograph of their Airplane Sticker

Rebecca's review of Airplane Sticker

Aug. 3, 2016

I really love this company. I have ordered stickers from them 3 times, and each time I was very pleased with the result. For Example, I ordered an airplane. Their smallest size is a 5 inch but in my order details I requested a 3 inch instead to see if they could do it. They did! I got the perfect size even though it is not what they offer just because of my request! They really care about customer satisfaction, and take each order with personal care. Also, I put my car stickers on my laptop! The decals are perfect for any flat surface. They stick very well and come with clear instructions. In my picture I put the ones that I got for my laptop. The two cats and the airplane out line came from this store. As you can see the globe one I have is not as good of quality, but the stickers I got from here are all so cute and just how I wanted them! Great for personalizing any flat surface.