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Sticker Material Series - Special Functions

see-through-film In this final installment of our ongoing series about sticker materials and uses, we are addressing materials with special functionality, in particular, See-Through Film and┬áSuper Adhesive stickers.  

See-Through Film

See-Through Film is an adhesive-backed white vinyl that is perforated with round, evenly spaced holes. The advantage of See-Through Film is that it creates one-way visibility. From the outside looking in, the images printed on it appear solid and cannot be seen through. When viewed from the inside the window will appear tinted but is otherwise completely see-through.   See-Through Film is available in both 50/50 and 70/30. The number designations relate to the perforation pattern. The first number represents the amount of printable space (the surface area) while the second number refers to the amount of open space (the holes). For example, 50/50 means that 50 percent of the material is printable, and 50 percent is perforation; 70/30 means that 70 percent is printable, and 30 percent is perforated. 50/50 will be more see-though than 70-30.   This material has a variety of potential uses. It can be applied to vehicles, storefront windows, and display cases. In addition to its value as an advertising tool, it helps reduce heat and glare from the sun and enhances security and privacy.   See-Through Film is weatherproof and is intended for outdoor application. It is easy to apply, can be removed in seconds, and won't leave adhesive residue. You can expect 1-3 years of durability. Be aware that you should avoid using See-Through Film on opaque surfaces. Also, we cannot add lamination to this material because it prevents it from being see-through.  

Super Adhesive

Our regular White Vinyl stickers will adhere to practically any surface including glass, metal, wood, plastic, and more. Occasionally though, you may find yourself needing a product with even more adhesive capabilities. Those are the times that our Super Adhesive White Vinyl will be useful. Super Adhesive stickers are ideal for surfaces like steel storage containers or drums, dumpsters, utility poles, heavy machinery, outdoor equipment, toolboxes, recycling bins, storage sheds, farm equipment, and more. Like our regular stickers, these are excellent for outdoor use. They are weatherproof and can withstand UV rays, rain, and snow and offer 1 to 5 years of durability.   Be aware that Super Adhesive stickers will leave adhesive residue on surfaces. You should also avoid placing them on painted indoor walls, as they may damage the paint when removed.