Perforated Film Stickers

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Create incredible window graphics with our custom perforated film! These decals offer enough print surface area for the image to appear solid from the outside, with a subtle opacity. When viewing from inside, the window will appear tinted but will not lose visibility, which makes them perfect for vehicles and storefronts! Choose from a 50/50 or 70/30 mesh vinyl for different levels of transparency.

Perforated Car Window Decal
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Perforated Car Window Decal
Perforated Vinyl Film for a Storefront
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Perforated Window Film

Perforated Film Stickers

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About Perforated Vinyl Film

Upload your design or create one online to order a high quality perforated film sticker! These custom perforated car window film decals create one-way visibility using a perforated vinyl pattern, which offers enough print surface area for your design to appear solid (with a subtle opacity) when viewing it from the outside. When viewing from inside, the window will appear tinted, but will not lose it's visibility.

Durable Privacy Window Film with One-Way Visibility

Perforated Film is weatherproof, so it can withstand elements like UV rays and rain. It is intended for outdoor application on window and will not leave adhesive residue when removed. Perforated Film comes in both 50/50 and 70/30. The first number in this designation represents the amount of printable space while the second number represents the amount of open (see-through) space. Therefore, a sticker made from Perforated Film at 70/30 has a larger printable area, but less see-through area, than a sticker made from Perforated Film at 50/50.

Perforated Film Stickers
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