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Sticker Materials Series - Outside Application

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glitter-vinyl-thumb In this week’s installment of our ongoing series about sticker materials and their optimal uses, we are focusing on outside application stickers.

Outside application stickers have their adhesive on the back and the printing on the front and can be placed on windows or opaque surfaces. When placed on windows for external viewing, they are positioned on the outside. All of our outside application stickers can be expected to last from 1 to 5 years, can withstand outdoor elements such as UV rays and rain, and can be placed on most flat smooth surfaces including glass, metal, wood, plastic, and more.

White Vinyl

White Vinyl stickers are our most popular and were specifically developed for use with vehicles. White Vinyl is weatherproof and has Air Egress technology, which minimizes wrinkling and the appearance of air bubbles under the surface. This material will not leave adhesive residue on surface when removed.

Clear Vinyl

We also make outside application stickers in Clear Vinyl. However, for a couple of reasons, this is not our preferred material. For one, when using Clear Vinyl for outside application, the sticker must be placed on a light background (e.g., white, chrome, glass, silver, or other light colors) or it won’t be visible. Secondly, when colors are printed on Clear Vinyl, they aren’t completely opaque and can look like a different color when placed on a non-white background. For example, red printing can appear purple when it’s placed on a blue background. Finally, we cannot print the color white on the clear material.

Reflective Vinyl

Reflective Vinyl stickers made from high-quality adhesive vinyl material that illuminates and reflects direct light. They are intended for outside application only and are designed for nighttime visibility. They are commonly used for fleet marking and other industrial and security applications.

Premium White Glitter

Premium White Glitter stickers are produced from high-quality vinyl that sparkles in direct light. This material won’t leave adhesive residue on surfaces when removed, and it is ideal when you want to add a little extra flair to a design.

Check back in next week to learn about our repositionable stickers.