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Ask The Experts: Stickers FAQs

In this informative video, Joel and Jacob delve into the intricacies of stickers and the sticker business, addressing some of the most commonly asked questions. They cover a range of topics, starting with the distinction between raster and vector files, explaining how vector files are created with precise mathematical points and lines, while raster files consist of pixels, leading to differences in scalability and quality. Moving on, they provide insights into removing air bubbles from stickers, detailing techniques for both transfer stickers and standard white vinyl stickers equipped with air egress technology.

The discussion then shifts to the differences between transfer and printed stickers, emphasizing the precise cutting of transfer stickers and the versatility of printed stickers. Joel and Jacob also offer guidance on determining the appropriate sticker size for various applications and explore the variations in vinyl material types, such as clear vinyl for transparent backgrounds and white vinyl for vibrant graphics.

They address queries regarding color matching capabilities, packaging methods for shipping, estimated delivery times, and the incorporation of variable data into stickers, providing viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the sticker ordering process. Throughout the video, Joel and Jacob share valuable insights and tips to assist customers in making informed decisions when purchasing stickers.