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In Our Backyard - Stop Human Trafficking

CarStickers had the cherished opportunity to work with one of Bend's beloved non-profit organizations, In Our Backyard. They have been tirelessly working to combat human trafficking in the United States.

In Our Backyard is a national leading anti trafficking non profit. We link arms across America in the fight against human trafficking. Carstickers has come along to promote sip and give with us. Sip and give is an opportunity for the community to get educated. The first step is talking about human trafficking. It's a tough topic to talk about so sometimes reaching the community through fun events like sip and give; any restaurant, bars, even a living room can host a party like this to start showing everyone "What are the signs to indicate human trafficking?" but also add some fun to the conversation.

Carstickers has been amazing to work with. They have provided all of our signage for free and really stepped up to the plate to support this event and make some noise. Every time we host an event someone usually has a report to make- and that's what's important, and that's why we're here. If we prevent one from being trafficked, we prevent many.

- Cheryl Csiky, Executive Director, In Our Backyard