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Street Dog Hero Partnership

Street Dog Hero, a non-profit organization headquartered in Bend, Oregon, is dedicated to rescuing dogs from various regions worldwide. Their mission extends beyond rescue efforts as they conduct free spay and neuter clinics in Mexico and rural communities across Oregon.

One individual shares their personal journey with Street Dog Hero, expressing how they discovered the organization through a colleague who fostered dogs. Intrigued by Street Dog Hero's mission, they explored their website and instantly connected with Lonnie, a dog available for adoption.

Their experience with fostering Rowdy, whom they decided to adopt after just 12 hours, highlights the impactful work of Street Dog Hero in finding forever homes for rescued dogs.

In a remarkable collaboration, Street Dog Hero and Car Stickers have partnered to support fundraising events. Car Stickers offers more than just stickers; they provide banners, A-frames, and printing services, demonstrating their commitment to assisting non-profit organizations like Street Dog Hero in their promotional efforts.

The partnership aims to raise awareness and support for Street Dog Hero's cause by donating stickers, signs, banners, and other promotional materials for their events. This collaboration exemplifies the power of teamwork and community involvement in advocating for the adoption of rescued dogs.