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Wanderlust Tours uses QR Codes for Booking Customer Tours

At Wanderlust Tours, we specialize in half-day naturalist-guided excursions that immerse you in the beauty of nature. During the summer, join us for canoeing, kayaking, caving, volcano hikes, and local libations tours. In the winter, experience the magic of snowshoeing, caving, and more libation touring adventures.

We chose to partner with Car Stickers for several reasons. Firstly, their QR code booking system streamlines the reservation process, allowing customers to easily access information about our tours through photos, videos, and reviews. This gives them a preview of the experience before booking, enhancing their confidence in our services.

Additionally, Car Stickers provides us with high-quality merch for our gift shop, including stickers and magnets. These items serve as mementos for our guests, allowing them to reminisce about their tour experience long after it's over. Whether they're sticking a Wanderlust Tours sticker on their local hydro flask or displaying a magnet on their refrigerator, they're reminded of the unforgettable memories made during their adventure.

Furthermore, having our recognizable logo and signage both on our storefront and in the community reinforces our commitment to environmental education and protection. As co-owner and naturalist guide, I'm proud to lead Wanderlust Tours in fulfilling our mission of fostering a deeper connection with nature and promoting environmental stewardship. Join us on a journey of discovery and conservation with Wanderlust Tours.