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Crab Stickers and Decals

Explore our selection of angry and funny crab vinyl decals and stickers! We offer dozens of unique designs for you to choose from at Car Stickers.

Crab Car Stickers and Decals

Did you know that there are over 5,000 species of crab? There are quite a few different kinds of crabs and many of them are wildly different than the rest. In fact, the range in size between crabs is so enormous that the largest crab, the Japanese Spider Crab, can be as long as 13 feet across while the smallest crab, the Pea Crab, is as small as a pea or dime! The different species are not just different in size but also feature different colors and external shell designs.

Crabs are also a huge part of the American diet as about 1.5 million crabs are eaten each year around the world. Most people find them to be quite delicious while also very nutritious. But, whether you like to eat crab or prefer them as a pet, if you’re looking for crab stickers and decals, you’ve come to the right place.

Select from one of our many angry and funny crab vinyl decal and sticker designs and customize your sticker or decal as designed. Many people enjoy adding their favorite saying or crab jokes to their custom stickers and decals.