Fox Stickers and Decals

Foxes are adorable, mischievous creatures that you can't help but watch frolic around! Choose from dozens of fox decals and stickers for cars online today.

Fox Themed Sticker Designs

Since the 16th century, foxes have been hunted by humans for sport and for their furs but hunting has since declined significantly and some foxes are now even kept as pets. They are adorable creatures that have many similar characteristics of cats and easily coexist with humans. They are friendly and playful and have recently become the object of many internet sensations as videos of foxes playing and jumping around.

Although most states still do not allow homes to own a pet fox, they have become more popular as pets in some states. This is mainly because most people today still categorize foxes as being wild animals despite the fact that humans have had a relationship with foxes for thousands of years. In fact, there is even evidence of a human and his pet fox that dates back over 16,000 years, thousands of years older than the oldest evidence of a human and dog relationship.

Foxes are definitely very cute creatures and there’s certainly much to love about them. If you happen to be one of those who find them simply adorable or cool, then you’ll love our fox decals and stickers for cars. Find your favorite fox sticker design and personalize it with your own message or simply select a color and size before ordering our fox vinyl decals online.