Mouse Stickers

Mice can be cute, pesky, or absolutely annoying! Either way, our mouse decals are perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. Shop dozens of unique designs.

Mouse Car Stickers and Decals

Commonly considered pests, mice are actually very interesting rodents that are even sometimes kept as pets and, in some countries, are considered a delicacy. They are also, along with rats, the most commonly used animal for scientific experiments. Since 1928, when a mouse was featured in the popular children’s cartoon as “Mickey Mouse”, they have also been popular in several cartoons and other portrayals.

Although many people may find them annoying when found in their home, they can also be considered quite cute. They also have a lot of predators and usually won’t live more than five or six months in the wild. If you’re one of the many people who don’t have a problem with mice and find them to be adorable then you’ll love our mouse decals and stickers.

Whether you are looking for a cute decal for your car or need mouse stickers for home use, we have a wide variety of great cute mouse stickers and decals to choose from. Each of our mouse decals can be customized or personalized with your own text using our online design tool. You can then select a size and color before ordering online.