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Baby on Board Stickers & Signs

Encourage safer driving with a Baby on Board sticker in your car window. Add some cuteness and humor with our selection of funny, adorable designs.

Baby On Board Stickers & Decals

Since the 1980s the now popular “baby on board” signs have been used by millions of parents to alert other drivers of the present of small child in the car. Although many false stories and speculation about the origins of the signs have abounded, the original purpose of the signs is less horrifying.

Stories about the sign being created after an infant died in a car accident is false while the real purpose of the signs were merely intended to increase awareness of the presence of a child on board. The baby on board stickers and signs are a great way to increase the caution of other drivers while driving near you. If you have an infant or small child who shares your car on a regular basis then you may appreciate our baby on board stickers and decals.

We have dozens of adorable “baby on board” sticker designs to choose from. If you’re looking for a design that’s more creative than the original sign then you’ve come to the right place. The stickers and decals are easy to place anywhere on your vehicle. Custom sizes are available as well should you desire a larger size. The stickers are waterproof and made to last for several years.