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Country Oval Stickers and Decals

Looking for stickers featuring world countries? Check out our oval country code stickers and decals. They feature each country’s flag design in full color plus the country code.

Oval Country Code Stickers & Decals

Do you enjoy traveling to different countries around the world? Have you moved to a foreign country but want to display your pride of your home country? We have just the thing for any situation like those. Our oval country code stickers and decals are a great way to display your home country, the countries you’ve visited, or even for business and event purposes.

Our oval country stickers look great just about anywhere you want to put them. You can use them as a bumper sticker or decal on your car. You can also place them on a personal item like the back of your phone, on a laptop or tablet, a helmet, or even a coffee mug. We have stickers for every major country in the world. They are organized in alphabetical order so you can easily find the country that you’re looking for.

Our country code stickers are available in multiple material options including glow-in-the-dark, cling, reflective, and more. The stickers and decals are all made with premium vinyl material for long-lasting durability. They are both waterproof and weatherproof and will last for years without falling off or fading.