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White Cling

White Cling


Ideal for a wide range of applications, our versatile White Cling stickers are designed to elevate both indoor and outdoor spaces with their exceptional quality and durability. Crafted to perfection, these stickers boast a thickness of 7mm, providing a substantial presence that stands out on any surface.

From glass windows to metal surfaces, wood panels, and plastic exteriors, our White Cling stickers adhere seamlessly to smooth flat surfaces, offering endless possibilities for customization and decoration. Each sticker comes equipped with a complimentary layer of lamination, ensuring unparalleled weatherproofing, scratch resistance, and protection against harmful UV rays.

Experience the convenience of easy application and removal, without worrying about unsightly residue or damage to your surfaces. Our White Cling stickers are engineered to last, maintaining their pristine appearance for up to 6 months, even in challenging outdoor environments.

Featuring a vibrant full-color design on one side and a low tack adhesive on the other, our White Cling stickers offer the perfect balance of style and functionality. For those looking to showcase their designs on glass surfaces with the image facing outward, our Front-Facing Cling option is the ideal choice. This innovative solution prints your design in reverse on clear cling material, adding a layer of white ink to enhance visibility and make your design truly pop.

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Looks Best on:

Flat Surfaces

Avoid Using On:

Surfaces that are uneven or textured


Lasts up to 6 months


8.27 mil with backing, 4.33 mil without