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Create a Custom Magnet with Your Image or Logo

Now you can print your image or logo on a customized magnet! Choose from a variety of shapes from the templates below, or choose a Die Cut manget to have the magnet cut around the edge of your design. These high-quality magnets are fun, durable, and can keep your message at the forefront of your client’s mind.

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All of our custom magnets are printed on high quality, 30 mil thick magnet material, making them perfect for indoor or outdoor application.

Select A Magnet Type To Start Your Order:

Die Cut MagnetsDie Cut
Circle MagnetsCircle
Oval MagnetsOval
Circle MagnetsHeart
Oval MagnetsStar
Rounded Rectangle and Square MagnetsRounded Rectangle & Square
Rectangle and Square Bumper MagnetsRectangle & Square
Car Door MagnetsCar Door

Magnet Categories

Choose from a large selection of magnet designs in a wide variety of categories. All of our magnets are printed on 30 mil thick magnet material and are repositionable, removable, and reusable! Get yours today!







Magnet Examples

Cold Beer Rectangle Magnets Children's Hospital Heart Magnets Joystick Rectangle Magnets Tony's Pizza Circle Magnets

Dishwasher Circle Magnets Luke Oval Magnets Rockstar Star Magnets Mountain Marathon Oval Magnets

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