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How does Transfer Tape work?

Transfer tape, also known as application tape, makes applying a transfer sticker easy. It is called transfer tape because it transfers your cut vinyl graphics from the backing to the sticker's final location. Carstickers.com uses a transfer tape made from a transparent plastic film, which makes installation easier because the installer can see exactly where the decal will be placed before application.

Transfer Tape Explanation Image #1
Transfer Tape Explanation Image #2
Transfer Tape Explanation Image #3
Transfer Tape Explanation Image #3

To help you understand how transfer tape works, here is our step by step process to producing transfer stickers:

After our customers choose one of our premium graphics, upload their own, or create something new using our custom sticker maker, they select the color and size for the transfer sticker.

Our Graphic Design team then takes the design and prepares it for processing, ensuring that the design will look great for our customers.

Our talented processing team then takes a premium sheet of the selected vinyl color and runs it through a plotter. The plotter is a machine that cuts vinyl to a specified shape or design.

Once we’ve cut out the graphic, our team pulls the excess vinyl away from sticker (called topping) and carefully weeds the excess vinyl with a specialized tool. Weeding spaces in between letters such as “A” and “O” are called picks. Too many picks are very time consuming thus require an extra charge. See our Counting Picks on a Transfer Stage page for more.

When the graphic is topped and weeded, we roll our high quality clear plastic transfer tape over the graphic. The sticker is then cut to our customers specified dimentions. Leaving the sticker in a sandwich between the vinyl backing and our transfer tape.

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