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Pig Stickers and Decals

Made from high-quality vinyl material, our pig and boar decals for cars come in dozens of designs and are customizable! Shop pig car stickers online today.

Pig & Boar Car Stickers and Decals

Typically considered to be dirty animals, pigs are actually quite interesting and can be extremely cute and adorable. As piglets, they’re even cuter and can learn their own name just two weeks after they’re born – they can also recognize their mother’s “voice”. Pigs are also known to be quite fast little animals, running at speeds of up to 11mph which is where pig races come from.

Pigs have long been featured in a number of movies, children’s shows, books and other media and entertainment throughout the years. They’ve even been known to be featured as a team mascot but usually as a fierce boar. They are certainly a common, and popular, farm animal but they’re also one of our popular sticker and decal categories. We have dozens of different pig and boar decals for cars to choose from.

We have fat pig car stickers, funny and cute pig stickers and even some scarier-looking boar stickers to select from. Our pig and boar decals for cars can be customized by adding your own text or even uploading custom clip art then choosing a size and color. The stickers and decals are made with premium vinyl material for both indoor and outdoor use.