Famous Cars and Their Decals

Posted on September 28th, 2014

Some televisiomystery-machinen shows and movies only last in the public legacy because of their unforgettable cars and those cars’ unforgettable decorations. Car decals give cars personality and meaning beyond just their make and model; thus, filmmakers love putting some pizazz on their cars with fancy stripes or interesting stickers.

From futuristic models to classic cars, here’s a list of the most famous and famously decorated cars in movie and television history. If any of these are particularly important to you, you can pay them tribute with some custom car stickers without breaking the

bank on a new paint job or restructured chassis.


The Mystery Machine From “Scooby Doo”

With just the opening chords of the theme song of “Scooby Doo, Where Are You,” you can picture it: a 1963 Ford Econoline Van with that iconic turquoise and green paint job winding down a dark forest road. The Mystery Machine will forever be in our public memory, due not only to its unique look but its integral position amidst Scooby and the gang. You can make your van (or car of any size) resemble the Mystery Machine with a customized full-body car sticker.


Fillmore From “Cars”

Disney and Pixar’s animated hit movie starring a cast of talking automobiles of various shapes and sizes sure has dozens of famous cars to choose from, but one stands out as the car with the best bumper stickers. Fillmore is a Volkswagen Bus with a free-love mindset that loves to decorate himself with a variety of hippie-themed stickers. With 75 stickers in total, Fillmore definitely tops this list with his sheer volume of decals. You don’t have to go as crazy with the bumper stickers as Fillmore, but it definitely is hard to choose just one fun and interesting sticker to decorate your car.


The General Lee From “Dukes of Hazard”

The Duke Brothers got into some serious hijinks in their 1966 Dodge Charger named General Lee. The Charger is decorated with a huge Confederate flag on its roof as well as a racing number on its flanks. If you love the South as much as those troublesome Duke boys, you can show your Southern pride by adorning your own vehicle with a Confederate flag. If the flag is too much of a statement for you, there are plenty of other South-related stickers to choose from, including native flora or fruits, like a nice big Southern peach.


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