Perfect Your Next Craft With Stencil Stickers!

Posted on July 21st, 2016

stencil-stickers-titleAny artist or person who’s interested in arts and crafts understands the struggle of holding a stencil while attempting to add the finishing touch to a project. No matter what age you are or what skill level you may be at painting, a stencil is both challenging and difficult to produce your desired outcome. Move just a smidge and your design may be completely ruined. An easy and affordable way to avoid this disaster all together is a stencil with a sticker backing to hold itself into place. No more using every finger available to hold the stencil while still trying to use the other hand to paint. You now have both hands free to ensure your artistic and creative thoughts are turned into the exact product you imagined.

stencil-sticker-on-woodThis decal stencil can work on almost any surface and can be created by using the custom stencil tool on . The example shown on the right is a plank of wood with a simple yet cute sticker stencil being used. This specific example is extremely popular right now for home decor and decorative pieces in bedrooms. Encouraging phrases or bible verses have proven to be very successful on a medium such as this. Absolute perfection is guaranteed when working with these stencils. You could give these wood pieces away as presents, turn it into a fun project for the kids, or make as many as you want and keep them in your own home. Either way, you will not be disappointed with the final outcome of your work if you use a stencil with decal backing.


stencil-sticker-on-shirtAside from the purely decorative pieces, there are things that stencils come in handy for like t-shirt decorating or labeling items around the house. For example, custom making t shirts online for a large group can become outrageously expensive. A way to save money and still match your crew is to use paint and the sticker stencil instead of ordering from a website that overcharges you. Maybe you’re planning a bachelorette party or your child’s birthday party and need shirts to say specific things or have a specific design on them. This can be turned into a quick, fun, and inexpensive DIY project. Anyone can participate in the fun and be ensured that it’ll look just as good as the shirts you would have ordered.


The sticker stencil can help with simpler projects like labeling the dog bowl in a cute way, or labeling your kids playroom tubs. Any project or idea you may have in mind can most likely be created flawlessly with this new sticker stencil product.


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