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3 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s 1st Day of School


celebrate-your-childs-first-day-of-school For many parents, that day when their child goes to school for the first time, whether it’s pre-school, kindergarten or first grade, is a mixture of emotions. You’re so proud and happy of your baby, but you realize your “baby” isn’t your baby anymore — she’s a child who’s about to take her first big step into a wider world. It’s a tradition to take a “first day of school” picture, especially when it’s his first day ever, but you should do more than the typical to celebrate the new student in your family. Decorate your vehicle during and after the big day to celebrate.

The “Congrats” Message

If there’s one thing even a new student can typically read, it’s his name, so imagine his delight if you take the car out of the garage the morning of his first day of school and he sees his name on it. Order personalized vinyl lettering stickers with your child’s name along with a “congrats” or “first day of school” message. Or order a sticker simply stating you’re proud of your son or daughter. Even the huge car stickers that take up an entire car hood or the side of a car are inexpensive and easy to apply and remove, so you don’t have to worry about keeping the message on the car for longer than you’d like. Your child will be thrilled when you pull up to her new school with this big message for all to see.

The Picture Sticker

After the big day, commemorate the occasion with a custom car sticker of a photo of your little one outside of her new school or in her classroom. Every morning afterward when your child doesn’t feel like going to school, point to the photo and her big broad smile and remind her that school can be a lot of fun, too. Make it a tradition and swap the photo sticker for a new one every year as your child ages. And don’t forget custom stickers of pictures of your child’s reaction to the congrats message you applied to the car on that first day, too.

The Cute Designs

cute-student If you’re uncomfortable putting a photo of your child on the car, opt for a sticker of a happy child or student to represent her. Decorate the length of the car with other school-related designs, such as books, apples, crayons, pencil, and globes.  Or keep just one or two stickers on the back window or bumper. Car stickers are so affordable you can justify going all out and swapping the design to suit the season, so redecorate as often as you please.

Your baby’s growing up, but he still has a number of years before he starts getting embarrassed by your love and kisses. Take advantage of your child’s young age and go all out. She’ll think it’s fun that you decorate your vehicle to celebrate. Ten years from now, she might want to sink into the back seat if you pulled up to her school with a car full of car stickers — although that can be fun for the ribbing parent, too.