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Why Car Advertising Works So Well With B2B Companies

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b2b-car-advertising Cars have been used as advertisement space almost since the first cars hit the road. Cars are everywhere — a significant part of modern life — so it makes sense that companies would use cars to deliver their marketing messages. Custom car stickers are an inexpensive and highly effective way of attracting business — they can be subtle and powerful or eye-catching and memorable, depending entirely on the company’s marketing strategy. Just like a funny bumper sticker, car advertising sticks in the brains of fellow drivers, haunting their thoughts until they investigate a business further.

However, until now, it seems that car advertising has been limited to companies targeting customers directly, or B2C (business to customer) companies. If you are a business that focuses on providing services or products to fellow businesses — commonly called a business to business or B2B company — you may feel like car advertising isn’t worthwhile. After all, you’re trying to attract the attention of whole companies, not simply individual buyers with some cash to burn.

But stop to think about it. What are companies made up of? And, who ultimately makes the purchasing decisions for companies? The answer to both of these questions is, of course: individual employees. And individual employees are the ones driving cars and looking at advertisements. All you need to do to convert a lead through successful advertising is grab the attention of an individual employee; then to convert that lead into a sale, that employee will begin to employ your product or service in his or her place of employment.

Consider this: A company’s executive commutes to work daily, and in most cities in the United States, that means he or she is driving, in a car surrounded by other cars, from home to work and back every single weekday — and this isn’t even mentioning all the driving this person does in his or her leisure time. This executive is bound to see hundreds if not thousands of other cars just on his or her commute alone, and one of those might feature a car sticker advertising your B2B services — services this executive sorely needs. Your simple and inexpensive car advertisement has solved this executive’s business-related troubles and created a new client for your company, even though it targeted an individual instead of a company as a whole.

Of course, you don’t need to worry about catching the eyes of the elusive C-suite. Regular company workers often have enough authority to make certain business decisions all on their own, especially if they can show that the new product or service will highly benefit their company — which we’re sure your B2B product or service does. For example, a humble personal assistant may have enough face time with executives of heads of departments to understand what services are lacking and what products may be needed around the office; this personal assistant could just as easily see your car sticker and bring it up with his or her boss that very same day.

Car advertising is becoming more and more prominent, as we’re sure you’ve noticed as you drive around town yourself. B2Bs have as much to gain from advertising as B2Cs, and car stickers are an inexpensive and highly effective jumpstart to any marketing campaign.