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3 of the Easiest Ways to Sell Your Car Fast

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3-easy-way-to-sell-your-first-car-picture You’ve done the smart thing and decided to sell your car yourself so you don’t have to give a used car dealer a huge chunk of the profit. But, your car isn’t doing any good simply sitting in your lawn with a “for sale” sign taped on it — few people will stop to inquire about it. Advertise cheaply and more effectively with a few simple tricks.

Use a Car Sticker, Not a Sign

For Sale sticker The typical “for sale” sign is annoying for car owners who still use their vehicles, as they have to remove it and put it back up every time they drive. Order a custom car sticker with “for sale” on it and your contact info and keep it up on the car window. Not only is this more convenient, but it’ll also expose the information to more potential buyers in parking lots as you continue to use the vehicle.

Post Flyers

Rather than pay for advertising in newspapers, post flyers in popular public places with the property owner’s permission. Many stores and restaurants have community boards that you don’t even need to ask to use. Since you’re most likely going to sell locally, you may as well take advantage of this free service targeting the local population.

Advertise Online

To catch the attention of people not looking at bulletin boards, advertise online through local classifieds. If you want to save money, don’t post the car for sale through an online auction website — not only will you get out-of-the-area buyers that increase sellers’ costs, but you’ll have to pay a big fee to the auction site, too. A simple classified ad directing local shoppers to your contact info works best.