Proclaim Your Love of Animals Using Your Car

Posted on May 28th, 2014

proclaim-your-loveWe spend a lot of time in our cars — some would say too much time. But in a way, your car is an extension of you. It goes where you go, and you can use it to show off what you love most. If you’re an animal lover, imagine pulling up to the shelter or even just to school or work with your passion written clearly all over your car. Just as you might decorate your locker at school, or your desk at work, put a little of “you” into your car’s decor.

Animal Print Fabrics

Custom interiors are expensive and difficult to order after you’ve already bought the car. But you can easily slip steering wheel and seat covers over your existing interior for cheap. Use a rich, plush animal print in the colder months to keep your hands and body warm, and opt for a lighter fabric paw print cover during the warmer months to trap pet hair, sweat and dirt and to protect your vehicle’s interior. Since they’re removable, they’re easy to wash and swap out as your tastes change. Maybe you love both your dog and your cat, for example, so feature a dog design one month and a cat design the next. You can also find licensed animal characters on many steering wheel and seat covers.


Animal Decals

dawgYou could fork over an arm and a leg for a custom leopard print paint job or something denoting your love for pets, but not only is that initially expensive — and it drives up your insurance costs to boot — but it also decreases your car’s resale value. Invest in animal car stickers instead. Not only are they pennies on the dollar compared to a paint job, they’re also simple to remove, they don’t damage your vehicle and they’re fun to swap out for new designs whenever the fancy strikes.

Stick on a small silhouette of your dog’s breed or denote the number of cats you have with “family” stickers. Put leopard dots or tiger stripes along the entire front, back or side of your car. Create a custom sticker of a photo of your pet or of you at the zoo or aquarium with your favorite wild animal. There are few limits to how quickly and cheaply car stickers can transform your vehicle’s appearance.


License Plate Frames

Maybe you don’t want to fork over the extra fee — sometimes as much as a hundred dollars — every year for a customized plate with your pet’s name or a message like “LUV CAT” to show off your love for animals. Plus, not everyone will understand what your customized plate means. Instead of spending the extra money every year, buy an animal design license plate frame. They’re available in designs such as paw prints, dog bones, wild cat coat prints and cat and dog silhouettes.

For most pet owners, animals are part of the family. Even animal lovers whose tastes run toward the more exotic creatures hardly go a day without thinking about their favorite animals. Drive around town with that love you feel for animals clear as day.


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