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Back to School Sticker DIY Fun

DIY Inspiration, Vinyl Lettering

Back to school means busy schedules, after school activities, early mornings and full schedules! Give yourself one less thing to think about with this fun custom vinyl lettering DIY project for your kid’s school folders! DIY Folders With Stickers

Remember how fun it was to go school supply shopping as a kid? To pick out your notebooks, favorite folders, a bright colored crayon box and if you were lucky, the biggest box of crayons. And then after picking out your supplies - getting everything organized and picking out what colored folders would correlate with which class. And inevitably, after a couple of weeks, quizzes, field trip forms, notes, and study guides slowly start ending up in the wrong folders. And before you know it, everything is all mixed up! Avoid the mix up and chaos of the new school year by labeling your folders (or your kids folders) with custom vinyl lettering

Art & Music Folders

This is a fun project for you and your kids to do together! It is so easy and will make a huge difference for both you and your children. Make it fun fun by ordering stickers that your kids can use to decorate their folders too! All you need to do is make a list of what subjects you have folders for (i.e. science, math, social studies, etc.) and then head over to the custom vinyl lettering tool. Here you can pick out your fonts, colors and size! You can even order them in glitter, holographic, camouflage and more! 

Now, when your stickers arrive and you are ready to apply your vinyl lettering stickers, there are a few things you need to know. Your custom vinyl lettering will come with 3 layers: a backing sheet, your sticker, and transfer tape. First you want to clean off your folders and make sure there is no debris sitting on top of them. Next you will peel the transfer tape away from the backing sheet - bringing the sticker up with you. Place the sticker and transfer tape down on your folder and rub a squeegee or credit card firmly across to ensure your sticker clings to the folder. Next, you will slowly peel the transfer tape back at a 45 degree angle making sure that your sticker remains down on the surface of the folder. Once you have removed all of the transfer tape you are all set!DIY Folder Types

To add some flair to your folders head over to our Stickers page where you can choose from thousands of die-cut stickers and transfer decal designs to decorate your folders with (or to give to your children to decorate with). Have fun with it! Being able to get creative and personalize your school gear makes a world of difference for some kids when it comes to getting into the school spirit!

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