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What Type Of Sticker Should I Order?

Rock City custom cut out stickers

This is a common question. Many people do not know the difference between a Die-Cut Sticker, a Single-Color Cut-Out Sticker, and a Multi-Color Cut-Out Sticker.

A Die-Cut sticker is created by printing a design onto vinyl, then making one cut around the design. It can be a shape, like a circle, oval, or square, or it can be cut around the contour of the design.

A Cut-Out sticker is created by cutting a shape, graphic or text from a sheet of vinyl. Cut out stickers are not able to be printed on. These stickers do not have a background.

A Multi-Color Cut-Out sticker is created by printing a full color design onto the vinyl of your choice, then the background is cut away, leaving only the design.

Still unsure? Watch this 60-second video or check out the sticker gallery.