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Improve the Look of Your Custom Artwork

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We can convert any of your low-resolution artwork to high-resolution logo and sticker art using a process called vectorization. The process is fast and easy for you, and then you'll have a high quality image to use for other projects down the road. vectorize-4

What is vectorization?

Digital graphics use two basic kinds of image files: raster and vector. Raster files (also known as “bitmap” or “bit image” files) are made up of dots or pixels. People don’t often think of them that way because the dots are so small that our eyes don’t perceive them, but when enlarged on a computer screen, you can plainly see the individual square-shaped dots that make up the image. Raster file formats are commonly used by devices like scanners, digital cameras, and digital printers.

Attract New Customers with Car Magnets

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magnet_blog If you’re a small business owner, realtor, landscaper, contractor, florist, caterer, restaurant owner, house cleaner, or just about anything else, you may just be as excited about our new product as we are. Car magnets! You probably already know what they are, but, just in case you don’t, here are the basics. Car magnets are vinyl signs with a magnetic layer that enables them to cling firmly to the sides of cars, trucks, vans, etc. They are durable and come in several different sizes—so they’ll fit just about anywhere and on any vehicle.

Finding Valuable Leads Without Using Email

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finding-valuable-leads-without-email Email has been a major boon to business. Companies can use email to market, to sell, to communicate, and more. Especially when a company is selling products and services to other companies, and thus lacks a brick-and-mortar store that sells wares, it wouldn’t be surprising if every employee in a company went a whole day, or even a whole week, without communicating with clients on the phone or in person. While email has certainly made business easier, it is a dangerous tool when it is overused.

The Wild World of Parking Permits

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wild-world-of-parking-permits You run an apartment complex with a parking lot or garage near a big university. Or, your company rents space in a building in a busy area of the city. No matter what you are or where you’re located, your parking spaces get filled by drivers with no business in your lot, and its impacting the people who really need those spaces. While you can put up as many “Restricted Parking” and “Tow-Away Zone” signs as you’d like, unless you have a registry of all allowed vehicles and a security team committed to checking license plates day in and day out, you aren’t going to make any real headway in keeping out the riffraff.