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3 Small Ways to Honor Your Lost Loved One

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honor-a-lost-loved-one We all know the people we love the most may one day leave us, but facing the reality of a lost loved one is more painful than we often realize. Part of moving on, though, is knowing you don’t have to let go of your loved ones who have passed away. Keeping small memorials with you wherever you go can keep your loved one’s memory alive.

A Customized Car Decal

Custom In Loving Memory Sitcker Show the world how much you cared about your loved one with a customized car decal. The words “In Loving Memory” followed by the years your loved one lived and his name surround an image that holds significance to you. For example, you may show your loved one was in the military with a silhouette of a soldier. You may celebrate your loved one’s passion for motorcycling, golfing, music, traveling or other hobby. You could even have a photo of your loved one take precedence.

Car decals, even custom car decals, are affordable and make a powerful statement. You can order enough for everyone in your family and honor your loved one together.

A Tattoo

Although not for everyone, there are few more permanent ways of honoring a loved one’s memory than a tattoo. Choose an image that meant something to your loved one and the way she lived or find an artist who can do a lifelike portrait. You can also choose a few words or an important date — her birthday, your anniversary, etc. Have the tattoo done in a place everyone can see or keep it close to your heart. As long as you can see it, it’ll do what it’s meant to, which is to fill your mind with positive memories of the person you loved.

A Laminated Token

Laminate or frame a small item that meant something to you and your loved one and keep it with you in your purse, wallet or car. Some possible ideas for items include:

  • Your loved one’s military dog tags
  • A poem
  • A pebble from a place that meant something to you
  • A piece of jewelry

Of course, a photo always works — don’t limit your imagination. Perhaps you only you knew your loved one well enough to understand the significance of something like a pebble from her favorite beach. What’s important is that you know, not that anyone else does.

Almost 2.5 million Americans pass away each year, according to the CDC, so you’re not alone in your grief. That, however, doesn’t make loss any easier. Beyond taking a small token with you, you can keep your loved one’s memory alive through donations to a charity that meant something for her. If you have the ability, you can start a small scholarship for students studying her major at her alma mater. Raise funds for the family of someone else who’s ill or injured from the same cause. Work toward greater causes and hold on to the small tokens you customize in their memory. While the donations, scholarship or fundraising will help, remembering your loved one every day with tokens will help you heal — and move forward.