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Showing Off Your Love for Transport of All Sorts

Sticker Ideas

my-other-car-is Most people get it: You need a caravan to fit your kids, or it’s your first car and you could only afford your uncle’s beat-up old vehicle. But deep down, you wish you really drove something else — and maybe that “something else” isn’t even an automobile at all. Whether you dream of owning a better car one day or your occupation or hobby means you spend a lot of time on another vehicle — a plane, a tractor, or a motorcycle, for example — make people laugh by getting the “my other car is a…” joke on your vehicle in a few clever, affordable ways.

Add a Car Sticker

motorcycle-sticker Get a bumper sticker that says “my other car is a…” and personalize what the blank is to you. You can also leave that part blank and stick on a silhouette of that “other vehicle” in your favorite color, including tractors, motorcyclesboats and airplanes — or maybe a broomstick or phone booth. If you want to be really creative, take a photo of you standing alongside your favorite vehicle and order a customized sticker of that photo in as small or as large a size as you like. You might just want a small sticker on your back window or perhaps you want to cover the entire front of your car with a picture of you and your true automotive love; it’ll certainly make your current boring car more interesting to you and passers-by.

Order Customized Window Shades

Besides personalized car stickers, you can also order customized window shades. Maybe you have a spouse who isn’t interested in stickers on the car because she doesn’t share your passion for the other vehicle. Although stickers are easy to peel off and don’t cause any damage, it might be easier for you when you share a car to put up window shades whenever you park. An image of you and that other vehicle makes an eye-catching shade, but you can also opt for the text only message “my other car is a…” or a more stylized picture of your favorite vehicle.

Find an Appropriate Antenna Topper

A non-obtrusive and fun car decoration that reveals your passions is the antenna topper. Cheap and available in a variety of designs, including everything from licensed characters to generic airplanes, an antenna topper may not scream “this is the other vehicle I love,” but it gives passersby a sense of what makes you tick. Add an antenna topper and you’ll have an easier time finding your car when it’s parked in a crowded lot, too.

If you’re saving up for that sports car or imported vehicle, don’t have a lot to spend on accessories for your current hunk of junk — but you won’t have to spend a lot if you opt for something fun like car stickers or antenna toppers. Make the most of what you have, even if you pine for your time spent behind the wheel of a tractor or studying the specs of the latest Japanese bullet train. Decorate the vehicle you use most often with images representing your “other car;” it can be an amusing joke to the people around you, and a reminder of things that make you happy.