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How to Put a Creative Spin on Your First Car


First Car It’s the day you’ve dreamed about for years: holding the car keys to your first car. Your car is more than a method of transportation to school or a part-time job — it’s an extension of who you are. Accessorize and decorate your car to show off how this car is yours, not the car you borrowed from your parents, but truly yours. There are a number of fun, affordable ways to do just that.

Consider Car Stickers

Butterfly Transfer Stickers Your parents may have a set of family stickers on the back of their car. You can order a set of cats, dogs, elephants, turtles, skulls, monkeys or something else unexpected. Order them to represent your actual family or order them ironically, including so many members of your family that it’s obvious you’re parodying the trend.

Decorate your windows or even the body of the car itself with customizable graphics, logos and words. Order a car sticker of your favorite quote. Design a car sticker using an actual photo of you and your friends. Car sticker installation is fast and easy — and the prices on the stickers are so cheap, you can afford them on a tight budget. Order a set and have matching stickers created with your sports team or group of friends.

What About a Steering Wheel Cover?

From your love of cute characters — like Hello Kitty — to your status as a sports team’s No. 1 fan, your steering wheel could show off your fandom with a cover. If you don’t want to pay extra for a licensed steering wheel cover, simply pick out one in a bold, bright color or pattern. Buy a cheetah pattern to match your purse. Choose a bright green cover because it’s your favorite color. Since they’re fairly affordable, you can easily swap them out from one season to the next, so you may have your steering wheel don red, white and blue for Independence Day, and red and green for Christmas.

Don’t Forget About the Gadgets

The AV adapter in your car could be the power source for any number of gadgets. There are the basics, like plugging in a stereo or your MP3 player, but if your car’s newer, you can probably do through the sound system. Other eclectic AV adapter products you can use to customize your ride include:

  • A miniature lava lamp
  • A heated set cover
  • A thermo food warmer
  • A TV (for when you’re parked and hanging out with friends)
  • An automatic air freshener

According to NPR, only about half of drivers are under the age of 18. If you’re lucky enough to have a license and a car in your teenage or young adult years, flaunt it! Your car is one more way to show off your style. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, there are ways to customize your car without spending too much. You probably don’t have the budget for a paint job, for example, but you can afford car decals that replicate the look of an expert paint job. Celebrate your first car by flaunting your style — whether sporty or glamorous, humorous or cute, make your car a reflection of who you are.