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How to Show Off Your Greek Organization Pride


Your sorority sisters or fraternity brothers form a deep bond with you that can last a lifetime. The time you spend in a sorority or fraternity in college is going to create memories you’ll cherish for years. Show off your Greek organization pride wherever you go, whether you’re still a student or you recently graduated — and even if you’re still pledging. Encourage your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters to do the same and you’ll form a cheer squad for your organization.

Car Decals

Greek-Sticker Everyone loves campus life, but it’s nice to take a break and see what else is going on in the greater community. If you’re in a sorority or fraternity, you’ll be headed off campus to participate in community events. Order customized stickers in the font and colors of your choice, and show off your Greek organization pride with your car.

How better to show up at a community event as a group than with decals on your vehicles proclaiming your allegiance to your organization? Get every member with a car to order one in matching colors or in a rainbow of colors. You can also pass them out to members without cars and let them stick them on mirrors, doors, laptops or notebooks.

Sweatshirts or T-Shirts

Campus fashion usually lies somewhere between rolling out of bed and casual comfort. Even if you dress up at first, you’re going to be reaching for your favorite T-shirt or sweatshirt after a few weeks. Order one or two shirts with your organization’s Greek symbols in your favorite colors. Ask your sorority sisters or fraternity brothers to order matching sweatshirts or T-shirts and wear them to your regular meetings and activities. Nothing says “organization pride” better than everyone coming together as a team with a casual, fun uniform.


You won’t be long on campus before realizing your headphones are one of your best friends. When there’s too much noise in your dorm or apartment complex, the best you can do is put on a pair of headphones and drown out the sounds. You can also use the headphones to listen to audio recordings of lectures or to groove to music when your roommates want to sleep. Order a customized pair with your sorority or fraternity symbols emblazoned on cords (for earbuds) or the actual headphones.

U.S. News reports that while 8.4 percent of male undergraduates join fraternities in the U.S. on average, some schools see as many as 84 percent of male students enrolled — and that’s just the men. Greek life shapes you as a college student in ways that impact your life and help you grow as a person.

Not only do you make friends and feel the pride of belonging to an organization with a rich history, but you become a better-rounded person who gives back to the community and understands the importance of camaraderie. It’s no surprise you want to want to cheer for your organization and show off your pride wherever you go. It’s easier — and more affordable — than you may think.