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3 Reasons to Customize Car Stickers for Your Charity

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team-stu If you’ve been put in charge of promotion for a charitable organization or event, consider using car stickers for your charity. People are so used to online, TV, newspaper and radio ads that they subconsciously tune them out. You need something that engages the local community and gets in front of people’s eyes no matter where they go without being intrusive. Car stickers are both a great way for volunteers and organization employees to show off their charity pride and to spread word.

They’re Tailor-Made

Feature your logo or image on your custom sticker labels. You choose the color for a bold stark look or get a bevy of colors with an actual picture related to your charity. Include text, dates and information to pass along everything people need to know. If you don’t want to design your logo, you can choose from available images and find one accurately representative of your charity. You can also drop the image and include a slogan, the charity name or the name of your upcoming event. Car stickers are easy to order and customizable.

They’re Affordable

Stickers for your vehicles — even customized ones — cost only a few dollars or cents each. Plus, the more you order, the cheaper they are; if you’re working to promote a charity, you’ll be the most satisfied with a bulk order. Saving money is a necessity for a charity; the less money you spend on things like promotions, the more money you have to put toward the causes you support. Getting your ads on TV costs a fortune, and even newspaper and online ads can come with considerable price tags. Advertise your charity with a grass-roots campaign, relying on everyone involved to spread the word via their car stickers.

They Go Anywhere and Everywhere

Applying car stickers is as simple as cleaning the window, applying the decal and removing air bubbles. After that, you have a promotional tool that goes everywhere the driver goes. When she parks in a grocery store parking lot, people pass by and see your charity’s name. When she’s stuck in a traffic jam, the drivers behind her will be staring at your charity’s logo. Get your charity or event on people’s minds with car stickers and they may not even remember where they initially heard about it – but it will get entrenched in their minds.

Middle-class Americans give an average of 7.6 percent of their discretionary income to charities each year, a greater percentage than even their wealthier counterparts. These are the same people who most frequently will see your car stickers around town. Order car stickers not only to promote your charity as a whole, but for every upcoming event your charity hosts. Stickers are so affordable and effective that you won’t have to spend a small fortune to customize new decals for each campaign. Plus attendees love free swag, so order extra and give out the stickers at your event to people who stop by. The more people who place your charity sticker on the car, the more successful your overall promotional efforts will prove.