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The 3 Best Back-to-School Gifts for Teachers

Vinyl Lettering, Sticker Ideas, Stickers

teachers-gifts Whether it’s her first year as a teacher or her twenty-fifth, celebrate the start of a new school year for the teacher amongst your family and friends. Make his day with a small gift commemorating his love of education and the long hours he puts in to make sure every child feels valued. Let your back-to-school gift be the first to celebrate a milestone in her career or give her a gift simply because you’re proud of her and the work she does. You needn’t spend much to show the teacher in your life you appreciate her.

Car Decorations

music-notes-sticker Imagine the teacher in your life pulling up to the school with her love for teaching as plain as day on her vehicle. It’ll bring a smile not only to her own face, but to the faces of her colleagues and students, too. Pick out car stickers related to teaching in general or to the teacher’s subject, like a musical note for music teachers or a book for English teachers. You can also order a custom vinyl lettering sticker with a message related to teaching or his favorite quote — or a sticker of a picture you took of him when he received his degree or taught previous classes. Give her the stickers to apply herself or surprise her and apply them when her car is parked. They’re removable and easy to affix to a car, so the teacher can change them as she likes.

A Spa Certificate

Your instructor may be rested up after a long summer — but then again, if he’s like most teachers, he spent the summer putting together lesson plans, and after a few weeks, he’ll be battling a cold while grading papers and juggling behavioral issues in his class. In anticipation of when stress levels get to be a bit much, provide your teacher with a spa certificate. Include a note that you suggest she uses it after a few weeks, once she gets overwhelmed by the stress of the new term. It’ll prove just the energy boost she needs to dive back into her work.

A Personalized Book

Self-publishing books is easier than ever with platforms like CreateSpace and Lulu, and you can print as many or as few as you need. So go along with the education theme by putting together a personalized book. Fill the book with your favorite memories of your teacher, times when she clearly demonstrated her knack for teaching. For example, if you went to school together and she helped you study for a test or when she volunteered to lead a children’s group. Fill the book entirely with your own memories or call on friends and family to contribute. The book will prove a valued addition to the educator’s book shelf.

A small gift such as a car sticker is entirely appropriate for you to give to a teacher even if you only know her as your child’s teacher and not as a friend or family member. You not be close enough to her to offer her a personalized book or a spa certificate, but car stickers are an inexpensive and clever way to let your child make his new teacher’s acquaintance.