Back To School Sticker Uses

Posted on August 8th, 2016

image_78Getting ready for that stressful yet exciting back to school season? Need an organization strategy or a way to show your school pride? Stickers may just be what you need when prepping for the new school year! The term “back to school” can range from anything to putting your child’s name on their school supplies or creating stickers for your sorority/fraternity. You can do so by using the custom greek lettering tool on for any greek life support via stickers on anything such as a binder, water bottle, or car window.  This tool allows you to choose the color, size, and certain font you may want for your customized sticker.


notebook-nametagsMeanwhile, the vinyl lettering tool allows you to create a sticker of any word or words you choose. Like the example, you can make stickers of your child’s name for all of his or her supplies in order to prevent losing something as well as staying organized.


The school sticker uses don’t end there. Aside from greek life stickers, you can create custom vinyl lettering stickers for any school name and any grade. This can be used by students wanting to show their pride as well as parents of the students also wanting to show their school pride. A common back to school necessity for many parents is the phrase, “SDSU mom” or “WSU dad”. Both an easy and fun way to show your pride and support for your student and the school they’re attending.


The stickers being used for organizational reasons can be extremely helpful for students and parents but are specifically helpful for someone in a teaching or child care position. When being in charge of multiple children, the only way to succeed is organization! A way to do so is vinyl lettering. This is a better alternative to labeling with markers or tape because it is guaranteed to last longer, look nicer, and be 100% customizable for your needs.


custom-nametagsMany elementary classrooms have name tags at the children’s desk and within weeks of the new school year the sharpie marker that was used is rubbing off and smudging onto the desktop surface. Not only is this a messy situation, but boring and plain to look at. A teacher could easily use the Custom Sticker Sheets to customize name tags for all of their students, adding names in any font, font size, and color you want, in order to make a more fun and clean experience for your students. These stickers are also a more permanent alternative for labeling students cubbies, drawers for extra supplies and necessities.


All of the examples used as well as many more are ways to use stickers as an easy, clean, fast, and fun alternative. Don’t forget to visit while prepping for the back to school season for all your school pride and organization needs!  


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