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The 3 Best Back-to-School Gifts for Teachers

Vinyl Lettering, Sticker Ideas, Stickers

Whether it’s her first year as a teacher or her twenty-fifth, celebrate the start of a new school year for the teacher amongst your family and friends. Make his day with a small gift commemorating his love of education and the long hours he puts in to make sure every child feels valued. Let your back-to-school gift be the first to celebrate a milestone in her career or give her a gift simply because you’re proud of her and the work she does. You needn’t spend much to show the teacher in your life you appreciate her.

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Carrying Your Small Town Spirit With You in the City


Maybe a job or romance brought you to a metropolitan area — or maybe you’ve just always had a bit of a spirit for adventure. But just because you’re never alone doesn’t mean you don’t get lonely. Surrounded by tens or hundreds of thousands or even millions of people on a daily basis, it’s easy to get a little homesick for the small town or suburb in which you grew up, where people tended to know one another and there was plenty of space to relax and enjoy nature. Keep a little of the small town vibe in your heart in the big city, and getting used to your new home will become much easier.

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How a Bug Can Show Off Your Personality!


Whether you head for the hills at the sight of a creepy crawly or you grew up surrounded by little glass jars with holes poked in the lids, love them or hate them, insects are everywhere. And just like the fable about the grasshopper and the ant, there are all sorts with all different kinds of personalities. See if one of these common types describes you, and flaunt your personality in a unique way with a car sticker of that insect on your car or bike.

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Keeping a Little of the City in Your Heart

Travel, Stickers

New York. Los Angeles. Chicago. Any number of metropolitan areas across the U.S. You were born and raised in one of the bigger cities in the nation, or maybe you spent a few very informative years of your life in one for college. But now a new job, marriage or children have brought you into the suburbs or small towns of America. It’s not that you’re unhappy, but you do miss the hustle and bustle of the big city you left behind. Celebrate your love for metropolitan living in a small, tight-knit community and bring the best of it to your new home.

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