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3 of the Easiest Ways to Sell Your Car Fast

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3 Easy Ways to Sell Your Car

You’ve done the smart thing and decided to sell your car yourself so you don’t have to give a used car dealer a huge chunk of the profit. But, your car isn’t doing any good simply sitting in your lawn with a “for sale” sign taped on it — few people will stop to inquire about it. Advertise cheaply and more effectively with a few simple tricks.

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Connect With the Astrology Community Through Symbols


Whether you truly believe in the power of destiny divined in the stars or you think of astrology as a fun way to meet new people, you can show off your astrology pride and use it to forge new connections. Rather than simply filling out your sign on a dating profile, though, you can “wear it on your sleeve,” so to speak, and use it as a conversation starter with potential new friends and dates you meet around town. Learn how to unobtrusively show off your sign and your fun personality by sticking your astrological sign where people are most likely to see it.

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Proclaim Your Love of Animals Using Your Car


We spend a lot of time in our cars — some would say too much time. But in a way, your car is an extension of you. It goes where you go, and you can use it to show off what you love most. If you’re an animal lover, imagine pulling up to the shelter or even just to school or work with your passion written clearly all over your car. Just as you might decorate your locker at school, or your desk at work, put a little of “you” into your car’s decor.

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How to Show Off Your Political Party Pride With Humor

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In “polite society,” politics is one of the most taboo topics of conversation. However, simply brushing the issue under the rug does nothing to enact change in our country or win people over to the causes you believe in most. If politics are your passion and you can stand the heat of the debate, you can have a lot of fun showing off your political pride via humor. Remember that people who disagree with you aren’t your enemies — just people with different ideas who still love their nation.

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