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3 Reasons to Customize Car Stickers for Your Charity

Fundraising & Nonprofits, Business Solutions, Stickers

If you’ve been put in charge of promotion for a charitable organization or event, consider using car stickers for your charity. People are so used to online, TV, newspaper and radio ads that they subconsciously tune them out. You need something that engages the local community and gets in front of people’s eyes no matter where they go without being intrusive. Car stickers are both a great way for volunteers and organization employees to show off their charity pride and to spread word.

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3 Affordable Ways to Show Off Your Love of Music

Concert Audience

If you could eat and breathe music, you probably would. You spend more weekends heading to live concerts than you do staying in at home. Music is important to you, but with so much of your extra cash spent on albums and concert tickets, you don’t have a lot left over to buy those outrageously priced band souvenirs sold at the concerts. Here’s how to show off your love of music for less at your next concert — or year-round.

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Express Yourself With Chinese Character Car Decals


The Chinese alphabet is a work of art. Just writing something "love" or "beauty" in the language involves many strokes of a brush. Chinese character tattoos can be almost like a secret message. The character or characters have meaning to you and anyone able to read it, but for many people, it's just art. However, not everyone's a fan of tattoos. If you’re on the squeamish side about tattoos, consider Chinese character car decals instead.

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3 Small Ways to Honor Your Lost Loved One

Sticker Ideas, Stickers
Honor a lost loved one

We all know the people we love the most may one day leave us, but facing the reality of a lost loved one is more painful than we often realize. Part of moving on, though, is knowing you don’t have to let go of your loved ones who have passed away. Keeping small memorials with you wherever you go can help keep your loved one’s memory alive.

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