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Express Yourself With Chinese Character Car Decals


The Chinese alphabet is a work of art. Just writing something "love" or "beauty" in the language involves many strokes of a brush. Chinese character tattoos can be almost like a secret message. The character or characters have meaning to you and anyone able to read it, but for many people, it's just art. However, not everyone's a fan of tattoos. If you’re on the squeamish side about tattoos, consider Chinese character car decals instead.

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3 Small Ways to Honor Your Lost Loved One

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Honor a lost loved one

We all know the people we love the most may one day leave us, but facing the reality of a lost loved one is more painful than we often realize. Part of moving on, though, is knowing you don’t have to let go of your loved ones who have passed away. Keeping small memorials with you wherever you go can help keep your loved one’s memory alive.

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Greek Fraternity & Sorority Stickers Are Now Available

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Official Licensed Greek Products, a leading customized sticker supplier, announced today it has become an authorized supplier of Greek organization logo and letter stickers. As an authorized supplier, is now licensed to sell to the top fraternities and sororities worldwide. In addition to offering sorority and fraternity stickers, allows customers to customize Greek stickers not only with their letter symbols, but with logos and names specific to their Greek chapter. Stickers can also be customized to fit the customers’ unique style, with over 30 colors of vinyl lettering, including reflective

Read More Launches New Custom Parking Permit Tool

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Parking Permit Example has released a new tool that allows people to design and preview custom parking permit stickers prior to ordering. While has been making these stickers for some time, it was previously not an option to actually see the design before it was delivered. The new tool guarantees that the custom stickers are exactly as the customer wants them. They can change the color, the text, and even allows them to upload their own image or logo. The new parking permit tool makes variable data easy, allowing users to enter a starting and ending number into a range

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